Grace VanderWaal

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Question: You’re about a dozen stops into your tour. How have the shows been since your first concert in November, when you told us about your stress and hives?

VanderWaal: It gets easier and better. Every show is the same set list. I’m trying to have the same talking points, but (slightly) change what I say, in case someone is watching more than one show.

Q: You have a lot of young fans. Are you accustomed to their screaming for you?

VanderWaal: I actually have ear monitors in my ears. I can still hear people, but I can control how loud it is. I keep it pretty low, because my fans are so young that both boys’ and girls’ voices are loud. If the crowd is singing along, the sound will be turned up in my ears.

Q: Last month you announced that you’d open for Imagine Dragons on their summer tour. You tweeted the news with a shocked-face emoji. Is that how you feel?

VanderWaal: I found out a couple of months ago it could be a possibility, but I was trying to not go crazy for it. I knew it was a long shot, because they’re really huge. I’ve never met them.

Q: You recently became an IMG model and have a campaign with Kate Spade. How is modeling professionally different from posting your own self-directed shoots on social media?

VanderWaal: It’s kind of hard to navigate through, but I’ve made my own rules for myself. Things like Kate Spade and stuff is nuts. I have to be very professional and kind of take their direction.