Guide to Improve website Page Speed

Page speed is a complex topic. Many of the existing articles give you a list of actions to take or plugins to install to help with different aspects of speed. That’s fine, but not all sites are the same. So, in this post, I’ll help you understand how page speed works, and what actions to take for your particular site.

With that said, if you are not technical and you’re just hoping to install a plugin/module to speed up your site, here are some that should help:


  • WP Rocket (paid) + an image optimization plugin, or:
  • Autoptimize + a cache plugin


  • AdvAgg + an image optimization module

Now, back to business. Here’s everything I’m going to cover:

  • What is Page Speed?
  • Why You Should Care About Page Speed
  • How Fast Should My Page Load?
  • How A Page Is Built
  • Page Speed Testing And Tools
  • Estimating Impact of Changes


Mark Crutch

At the age of 12 Mark purchase, an old at the time TRS-80 loving known as (Trash-80). They would spend many knights programming stick figures to move on the screen.