Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Here you will find FAQs on or about Pointcomma services, online marketing, website production, and video production. All with common questions tend to recur, all from posts or queries by users related to the knowledge.

▪ What is the budget?
▪ How would you describe your target audience?
▪ What are the attributes of my target audience (age, sex, profession, job title, etc.)?
▪ Who is buying/making donations to your product/service and why?
▪ What perception does your audience have before watching the video?
▪ What type of tone has been successful in the past?
▪ What types of marketing materials do you currently have?
▪ What challenges do your customers/audience/viewer face?
▪ What action do you want the viewer to take after watching the video?
▪ In what context will the viewer watch the video, Will it be featured on my company’s homepage, In a pre-roll ad, Used on a landing page?
▪ How will you determine if the video is successful and What are the key performance indicators?