▪ What is the budget?
▪ How would you describe your target audience?
▪ What are the attributes of my target audience (age, sex, profession, job title, etc.)?
▪ Who is buying/making donations to your product/service and why?
▪ What perception does your audience have before watching the video?
▪ What type of tone has been successful in the past?
▪ What types of marketing materials do you currently have?
▪ What challenges do your customers/audience/viewer face?
▪ What action do you want the viewer to take after watching the video?
▪ In what context will the viewer watch the video, Will it be featured on my company’s homepage, In a pre-roll ad, Used on a landing page?
▪ How will you determine if the video is successful and What are the key performance indicators?
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Mark Crutch

At the age of 12 Mark purchase, an old at the time TRS-80 loving known as (Trash-80). They would spend many knights programming stick figures to move on the screen.