1. Top of funnel Educate
The vast majority of visitors to your website are not ready to buy. They’re kicking the tire, educating themselves about their problem and possible solutions.
2. Middle of funnel Persuade
Here’s where the middle of funnel kicks in – your goal is to persuade prospects that you are the best business for the job. Are you starting to see the natural progression?  What happens when prospects know their problem and have an idea of what they’re looking for? They’re going to shop around to find the best deal / service they can. If you educated these prospects in the Top of Funnel, you’re already a step ahead of your competitors.
3. Bottom of funnel Sell
Now you can unleash your inner sales person. Top of funnel educated your prospect, middle of funnel convinced them you’re the best business for the job, and now that they’re at the bottom your job is to give them a reason to act now and commit to the deal before they wander off and get taken by a competitor. Your offers at this stage should be incentives to take action. Discounts, special deals, consultations, bundles, and free trials are all great ways to tap into the bottom of funnel. If you have a dedicated sales team, this is where you can hand off qualified leads to start working their magic.
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Mark Crutch

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