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We customize strategies to align with your business’s specific needs while focusing on maximizing your ROI.

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We only hire the best of the best in every field to guarantee exceptional performance.


We do the right thing every time with honesty and responsibility.


Each video production is completed with excellent quality that exceeds client expectations.

About Pointcomma

Pointcomma is a boutique web and video production company. We carefully choose what brands we take in as a client. We become a partner in your success, this creates honest client relationships. We answer to a higher standard of professionalism. Our mission is to provide clear communication, open transparency, and work accountability

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Gwen Shane

Gwen Shane


Pointcomma was always professional and highly knowledgeable and well skilled.

Joesie Anand

Joesie Anand


Pointcomma is, hands down, one of the best companies that we have worked with!