Pointcomma’s Google Web Stories (GWS) Content

Google Web Stories are an immersive web-based full-screen post with a succession of images, videos, and audio, a version of the popular Instagram, TikTok, Story format, allowing allows creators to publish mobile-focused content similar to the “stories” functionality popular on many social media sites.

  • Google Web Stories In Goole Search Results
    • One of the main benefits of using Google’s stories above other competitors’ social media story formats is their accessibility from the SERPs. Google Web Stories can be indexed like a web page and served as a Google search result.
  • Google Web Stories In  Google Discover
    • In October 2020, Google announced that they were bringing Web Stories to Google Discover feeds in India, Brazil, and the US. The list of stories, called a “shelf” by Google, sits at the top of Discover. Tapping on the story brings it to full-screen and allows the user to navigate through the list by swiping.